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Health Luxe

 Call us at 802 7003 loc 19216 or 19224 or email us at to enroll 

Health LUXE is a comprehensive health plan that promotes overall wellness and healthy lifestyle. It gives you direct access to health care, travel assist, concierge, and lifestyle services all rolled into one.


All-Inclusive Health Coverage


This health program provides preventive care, outpatient care, hospitalisation and emergency care. It ensures that members are provided with a holistic health experience to maintain and elevate the lifestyle you enjoy.


Convenient Access


Keep your health in check at your own pace and convenience. With Health LUXE, you are provided with direct access to:


  •      - More than 500 hospitals nationwide including premium hospitals in Metro Manila such as Asian Hospital and Medical Centre, St. Luke’s Global, St. Lukes Quezon City, Makati Medical Center, Cardinal Santos Medical Center, and The Medical City.
  •      - More than 400 accredited clinics nationwide for outpatient care. 


Global Assistance When You Need It


PhilCare Travel assist and PhilCare Lifestyle Concierge gives you worldwide assistance anytime you need it.

  •      - Enjoy overall concierge takes care of your personal needs, from deliveries to reservations. Visit
  •      - Powered by assist america, this program provides you with worldwide medical emergency services such as emergency medical evaluation, hospital admission assistance, medical monitoring and repatriation, and prescription assistance.


High Benefit Lists Per Illness


Benefit limit is expressed in Maximum Benefit Limit per illness per contract year up to Php 300,000 per member.


Pre-existing Conditions Coverage


Covers up to P10,000 (annual benefit limit) for any condition for which you have received medical advice or treatment prior to enrolment.

Exclusive Perks From Lifestyle Partners


The Wellness Buddies program gives you special access and discounts to different lifestyle and wellness partners nationwide. Take advantage of special privileges in these establishments only members can enjoy.


Financial Assistance and Protection


Accidents are unpredictable but inevitable, so you need to be prepared. Provide financial security for your family through the following:

     - Term life insurance

     - Accidental death and dismemberment coverage of P100,000 per member

     - Includes memorial hotline assistance

Health LUXE Program Features
Features Health LUXE
Benefit Limit P150,000 P300,000
Room and Board Semi-Private Open Regular Private Open
Outpatient/Clinic Access
  • Direct Access to more than 400 PhilCare-accredited clinics
Hospital Access
  • More than 500 hospitals nationwide
  • Access to Asian Hospital and Medical Center, St. Luke's Medical Center Global City, St. Luke's Medical Center Quezon City, Makati Medical Center, Cardinal Santos Medical Center, and The Medical City
Special Modalities of Treatment
  • Mostly up to MBL
Additional Benefits
  • Speech Therapy P10,000/member/year
  • Passive and Active Vaccines for treatment of tetanus and animal bites (including immunoglobulin P20,000/member/year)
  • Standard Admission Kit
Reimbursement of Emergency Care at Non-Affiliated hospitals
  • 80% of hospital and professional fees based on PhilCare rates
  • Up to P30,000/case
Pre-existing condition coverage
  • Up to P10,000 annual benefit limit (ABL)
Travel Assist Program Covered under
Annual Physical Exam
  • Review of medical history
  • Physical Examination
  • Chest X-ray
  • Urinalysis
  • Fecalysis
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • ECG for members 35 years old and above or if indicated
  • Pap Smear for female members 35 years old and above or if indicated
Road Ambulance Coverage Nationwide coverage for hospital-to-hospital transfer by ambulance
Life Insurance P100,000
Accidental Death and Dismemberment P100,000
  • 6 months to 65 years old
  • Latest age to enroll is 60 years old
Health LUXE Price List
Benefit Limit P150,000 P300,000
Room and Board (Room Rate) Semi-Private Regular Private Open
Age Range
Annual Payment
15 days to 5 years old 33,544 58,206
6-10 26,074 40,762
11-17 19,410 34,104
18-30 20,070 34,765
31-35 23,498 41,944
36-40 24,802 50,613
41-45 35,896 66,696
46-50 44,593 79,352
51-55 53,995 91,370
56-60 76,507 106,238
61-65 (Renewal) 97,770 135,990
Age Range
Semi-Annual Payment
15 days to 5 years old 17,946 31,140
6-10 13,949 21,808
11-17 10,384 18,246
18-30 10,738 18,599
31-35 12,571 22,440
36-40 13,269 27,078
41-45 19,204 35,682
46-50 23,857 42,453
51-55 28,887 48,883
56-60 40,931 56,837
61-65 (Renewal) 52,307 72,755
Age Range
Quartely Payment
15 days to 5 years old 9,225 16,007
6-10 7,170 11,210
11-17 5,338 9,379
18-30 5,519 9,560
31-35 6,462 11,535
36-40 6,821 18,919
41-45 9,871 18,919
46-50 12,263 21,822
51-55 14,849 25,127
56-60 21,039 29,215
61-65 (Renewal) 26,887 37,379

Dental Fees
Payment Mode Package 1 Package 2 Package 3
Annual P270 P495 P585
Semi-Annual P135 P245 P295
Quarterly P70 P125 P150
PhilHealth Fees
Annual P2,688
Semi-Annual P1,439
Quarterly P740