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Member Get Member Program

Mechanics: Any PhilCare member can earn Sodexo gift certificates by referring new clients of PhilCare prepaid health plans.


  .    1. To participate, download the Member Get Member (MGM) Referral Form here and your brochure here. Use the MGM Referral Form to document information about your clients. Use your Sales Kit to explain and promote PhilCare health plans.

2. Be sure to indicate your number certificate number on the MGM Form, as proof of your PhilCare membership. Send the accomplished MGM Member Form to

3. When we receive your MGM Referral Form, we will reply with a payment link based on your preferred payment method.

4. Once paid, PhilCare will send you Sodexo GC for every PhilCare prepaid health plan sold. Minimum of Php 200 to redeem. Pick up the GCs at PhilCare office or have it delivered to you with corresponding shipping fees. See table below to check corresponding Sodexo GC

5. This promotion can't be combined or added with other PhilCare promotions.


     Program valid until December 31, 2017. 

Prepaid Health Plan


Amount of Corresponding Sodexo

ER Vantage Plus 40 for Kids

Php 2,950

Php 100

ER Vantage Plus 60 for Kids

Php 3,950

Php 100

ER Vantage Plus 80 for Kids

Php 4,950

Php 100

ER Vantage Plus 40 for Adults

Php 1,050

Php 100

ER Vantage Plus 60 for Adults

Php 1,350

Php 100

ER Vantage Plus 80 for Adults

Php 1,750

Php 100

Health Vantage 40 for Kids

Php 3,850

Php 500

Health Vantage 60 for Kids

Php 9,050

Php 900

Health Vantage 80 for Kids

Php 13,950

Php 1,100

Health Vantage 40 for Adults

Php 3,750

Php 500

Health Vantage 60 for Adults

Php 5,950

Php 900

Health Vantage 80 for Adults

Php 9,950

Php 1,100

unli-CONSULT for Kids

Php 3,700

Php 200

unli-CONSULT for Adults

Php 3,600

Php 200

unli-CONSULT for 65+

Php 5,000

Php 200