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Individual Comprehensive Plans

Your decision to lead a healthy and well-balanced life is a step to the right path. It’s a long process, and this decision has to be made consciously and continuously. No need to be intimidated though, PhilCare is committed to help you achieve this feat. After all, we make health happen!


PhilCare’s individual comprehensive health programs, namely Health LUXEHealthPro, and Health360, are catered to our members with varying needs and budget. You won't have a hard time finding a good fit for you. 

Our individual comprehensive health programs have four (4) component


Preventive healthcare service is composed of the annual physical exam (APE).The APE has 5 tests and, depending on age and gender, it is supplemented with additional tests. You can conveniently schedule your APE through PhiCare website.


For outpatient healthcare, PhilCare believes that your overall health will be best evaluated and managed by a PhilCare primary care physician. By applying a primary care approach, the physician can build a member’s profile and be in a better poison to interpret complaints, relate symptoms, prescribe the appropriate diagnostic procedures at the right time, and anticipate possible drug interactions.

When medically necessary, under the inpatient healthcare, a member will be confined to a hospital for more intensive therapeutic treatment. At PhilCare-accredited hospitals, members can rely on the PhilCare Hospital Coordinator, a senior member of the hospital’s physicians. The PhilCare Hospital Coordinator will provide oversight to the medical management of their case and work with the attending physician and other specialists to ensure that the medical management of the member is sound, follows standard medical protocol, and complies with PhilCare guidelines. At select hospitals, the member can also rely on the assistance of the PhilCare Liaison Officer.


Emergency care can be availed at more than 500 hospitals throughout the Philippines, regardless of accreditation with PhilCare. You can also seek reimbursement for emergency care when overseas. Do not delay in seeking emergency help.

Why get health coverage PhilCare?


We go beyond health care as we provide wellness programs as well as term life, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, travel assistance, and even lifestyle concierge services. PhilCare is determined to deliver innovative and technology-enabled customer experience while improving the customer’s access to healthcare services.


Get to know PhilCare's individual comprehensive health programs below