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How to Cope at Work when You Have Depression

How to Cope at Work when You Have Depression

Friday, Jan 20, 2017 0 comment(s)

Depression is real. While it may be an unusual subject in the Philippines, depression torments thousands of Filipinos in every social status, in every place, every day.

At work, having depression is especially challenging. You constantly have to put up the best version of yourself to meet the expectations of your bosses and be consistently a dependable team player – all of which are tiring for a depressed person.

Despite these, it’s possible to get better and be happy again– and we want to help. Here are some ways you could manage being an effective employee while dealing with depression:  

1. Breathe

Depressed people are terrified of failing their boss’ expectation that they tend  try to overdo their work. We try to aim perfection and we do anything we can to get it, but instead we’re faced with obstacles that hinder us from achieving our goals.

Before you expect perfection on your work output, remember that problems are a part of completing any job. Breathe, relax, and don’t beat yourself up if in case you didn’t achieve your goal. Aim to do better the next time instead.

2. Forgive yourself

Being in grip of depression, where we only use a few percent of our full potential, we tend to underperform and disappoint our supervisors or make embarrassing mistakes. Realize that these happenings will not necessarily repeat themselves tomorrow.

Forgive yourself of these guilt-inducing shackles and recognize what you’ve accomplished so far. It’s perfectly human to make mistakes.

3. Remember what’s good

During the times when you feel like you’re overwhelmed and sad, remember the reasons why you work: It could be to see your child walk down the stage for graduation, it could be to finally get hold of your dream car, or it could be to see the smile on your fiancé’s face as she sees your engagement ring.

No matter how difficult dragging yourself up in the morning is, focus on those reasons, and use them as a motivation to carry on.

4. Set clear goals 

It’s understandable that it’s almost impossible to focus on a project while struggling with depression. But in order to keep yourself productive, you still have to do it.

Start by setting clear goals that you can realistically accomplish given your condition. Make a to-do list, write down a priority list, post up memos, etc. This way, you’ll keep yourself working away from negative and demotivating ideas. Do whatever it is that can help you and take your time to do it.

5. Find support

Isolation is one of the most discernible sign of depression. We know that you’d rather eat alone in the pantry than endure everyone during lunch – and it’s okay. However, it would bring you comfort to have a trusted friend who would understand what you’re going through and support you of your treatment.

Remember that you are not alone in your struggle.  You can also find group support online where you could find different strategies to cope.

6. Know when to seek help ASAP

You know yourself better than anyone else. It’s always easy to fall into a thinking that you can do anything given the right push and motivation. But there are times that you simply cannot just push yourself anymore, so it’s important to recognize when you need help from a professional.
Despite the stigma that surrounds mental illnesses, seeking assistance for your mental health should not embarrass you.

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