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Pay Premium

This facility is for payments of PhilCare individual accounts only. 
To pay, click PAY PREMIUM
Payments are accepted through online banking and over the counter (bank and non-bank) for the following:
How to pay online:
1. Click PAY PREMIUM and fill up form below indicating the following information information:

  1. INVOICE  NO: Agreement Number or Application Number
  • Example: P0000001
  1. NAME: Name of Principal Member
  • Example: Juan Dela Cruz
  1. EMAIL: Your email address
  • Example:
  1. AMOUNT: Total amount due indicated in your payment slip
  • Example: 2,096.64
Screenshot 2015-07-30 13.47.28
2: Choose your preferred payment partner from the list.
Screenshot 2015-07-30 15.51.21
3: Click “Send Instructions via E-mail”
Screenshot 2015-07-30 15.51.39
4. Check your email. 
For online banking, pay and confirm online via link provided. For over-the-counter bank and non-bank payments, take note of your 8-digit alphanumeric reference number and amount to be paid which you will present at your chosen payment channel.
Screenshot 2015-07-30 15.58.19
You will be receiving a confirmation email from Dragonpay once payment has been completed.  For assistance, please email directly get in touch with our Customer Service Hotline: (02) 462 1800 and outside MM (PLDT): + 1 800 1888 3230 Toll Free