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unli-CONSULT for Kids
  • unli-CONSULT for Kids
  • unli-CONSULT for Kids

unli-CONSULT for Kids


This health voucher allows you to avail unlimited consultation services for one (1) year from PhilCare-accredited network of pediatricians and dentists nationwide.

Vat Inclusive

Age Eligibility and Card Validity

The unli-CONSULT for Kids health voucher is for clients aging from 1 to 17 years old and is valid for one (1) year upon activation date.


Unlimited Consultation for One (1) Year

This card includes

- One (1) year unlimited medical consultations with 9,600+ PhilCare-accredited pediatricians nationwide.

- One (1) year unlimited dental consultations with PhilCare’s network of dentists


Dental Services You Can Avail

- Annual dental examination/annual oral examination

- Unlimited orthodontic or aesthetic consultation

- Gum treatment for lesions, wounds, and burns, except alveolectomy and gingivectomy 

- Relief and/or prescription for acute dental pain 

- Diagnosis of oral disease, restorative and prosthodonctic treatment planning 

- Dental nutrition and dietary counseling 

- Dental health education through Chairside Instruction 

- First aid treatment/emergency treatment 

- Unlimited temporary fillings 

- Re-cementation of loose crowns, inlays, onlays, and fixed bridges 

- Simple repair and adjustment of denture 

- Simple tooth extraction/unlimited simple extraction of an unsavable tooth 

- Desensitization of hypersensitivity teeth 

- Annual prophylaxis (light cases only) 



Pre-existing conditions are covered. The only exceptions are maternity-related cases and cases related to all forms of behavioural disorders, developmental or psychiatric disorder and psychosomatic illness whether acquired or congenital. 


Top-Notch Assistance Offline and Online

PhilCare’s services are delivered through a combination of people and digital channels. People channels include a team of Liaison Officers in key hospitals assisting members for admission or confinement, Quick Assist desks in major hospitals, a 24/7 Contact Center manned by nurses and supported by a state of the art technology platform, and finally, PhilCare-owned clinics and the PhilCare Clinic@Work worksite clinics supported by a competent medical team.


Our intense focus on the customer inspired us to pioneer innovation and transform customer experience through digital channels. Find a provider through PhilCare’s mobile app, HeyPhil! Check your health program, transactions, and the latest news about health and wellness through our interactive portals. Easily repurchase your health plan through our e-Commerce site and talk to us and your co-PhilCare members through our social networking sites. Digital channels promote convenience and speed of service delivery to our members.

Hassle-Free Availment

Step 1: Voucher registration is required. Click here to register. Benefit coverage starts 4 days from registration date. 

Step 2A: For medical consultations, create a self-issued Letter of Authorization (LOA) and personalized membership card at Consultations page. Present LOA, personalized membership, card and 1 valid ID with picture to chosen medical specialist. 

Step 2B: For dental consultations, download and print the personalized membership card at Consultation page and present this with one (1) valid ID of the cardholder on the day of availment. 



Product FAQs

Accredited Dentists

Product Terms & Conditions


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